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Casino Night Henderson Parties

We at Casino Night events specialize in organizing casino parties in Henderson and across the rest of the nation. We turn your regular events, no matter what the size, into casino-themed parties with a huge variety of casino games for your guests, hosted by our skilled dealers.

No matter what the age or skill level of your guests is as gamblers, the casino games we provide are fun for everyone. And no matter what state your party is in, our games will always be legal. While some states consider casinos and gambling illegal, our casino games never are.

This is because our casino games involve no use of real money. Even though our casino games are completely real and involve real, A-grade equipment, no bets are placed with actual money, but only chips used at casinos. This means that none of your guests will ever lose any money, even if they lose at our games.

Events organized by Casino Night in Henderson feature a huge variety of casino games, such as the following:




•Slot Machine


We organize all kinds and sizes of events. Be it a private cruise party, a corporate event, or a birthday party, our skilled, dedicated, and detail-oriented team makes sure you’re offered the best of our abilities. We work hard at understanding your requirements and give you exactly what you need.

And even if you’ve got kids attending your parties or people who don’t wish to risk their money, our casino games can always be played without worries. Our professional dealers and quality equipment provide a genuine experience, and the lack of involvement of real money in our games helps us make them safe and enjoyable for everyone.

And if you’ve got guests who don’t want to play any kind of casino games, we offer highly skilled performers, including DJs and illusionists at our parties, who’ll help you make sure the rest of your guests feel just as great at your party. Our casino events in Henderson are really likely to have you end up with a great event and delighted guests.