Planning a Perfect Birthday Casino Party

May 05, 2016

A casino night themed party is the perfect way to celebrate the milestone birthday of your loved one and it's also a great theme for corporate events. To make the party one that your guests won't soon forget, here are some things you can do to make sure the night goes flawlessly.

Pick a Casino Theme

Two popular casino party themes are Vegas Nights and vintage casino -- picture draping pearls, plume feathers, and classic attire. Vegas Nights themes can easily be tailored to incorporate modern elements and props. Think of the venue where you'll host your event when choosing a theme. For instance, if you'll have the party in a building with an industrial facade or an old time feeling, a vintage casino night would work well. If the party will take place in your home, office, an elegant venue, or a modern events center, Vegas Nights would be suitable.

Casino Decor

The type of decorations that are most appropriate for each type of casino night theme differ slightly, but both kinds of parties can be decorated affordably if you're willing to think outside the box and use your creativity. Inexpensive playing cards, casino chips, and tall hurricane candle vases are all great decorations that won't break your budget. You can also find casino night themed napkins and plates at party supply stores.

Plan Your Menu

The type of food that you serve to your guests will help set the mood for your casino night party. Champagne, martinis, and classic cocktails are a great idea -- you can also serve non-alcoholic versions to ensure all of your guests can enjoy a beverage. For the food, opt for small bites that have a sophisticated flair such as silver dollar buckwheat blini with caviar, clams casino, gourmet poker nuts, and shrimp cocktail.

For something sweet, consider having a custom casino themed cake made for the event. Options range from grand 3D tiered creations to sheet cakes with casino decorations. Either way, your guests will love the treat and the cake will help add to the ambiance of the evening.

Trust the Experts

To make pulling off your casino night party much easier, hire an experienced party planning company. Casino Night Events has all of the games and decor that you need to create an incredible event that will exceed your expectations. We'll take care of the set up and will also take down the games and decor once the party is over. All you have to do is enjoy the company of your guests and have a great time. Contact us to get more information about our casino party packages and services.

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